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View Of Man Views of Man Student Manual, and Views of Man Teachers Key
View Of Man World Religions & Cults, 101, required source for student manuals and The Deadliest Monster, optional suggested source

Worksheets provide the student with thought-provoking questions which press him/her to analyze each worldview from the perspective of the scriptures.  Supplemental reading provides detailed information on each worldview,  giving students the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of topic matter.

Graphs and scoresheets are created using statitstics from CIA World Factbook and  The curriculum concludes with summaries and analysis based on score marks for each religion, government type, and nation.

How does one discern from which tree they are being fed? Do you feast on God's truth from the Tree of Life? Or do you dine from the tree of knowledge? 


You MIGHT be surprised! Because the tree of knowledge often sounds pretty good. But that tree is where the world's version of religion comes from...and that tree leads only to destruction. 



Students can include age if they wouldn't mind. :)

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  • Jonathan Davis (Wednesday, December 04 13 05:28 pm EST)

    I tried hard to shred this curriculum, to find holes in it. I not only came to realize that Christianity is not a scarecrow that can be shredded or broken, but I saw how different it is to every
    other religion. It helped me to know why I believe what I believe and to be able to talk intelligently about other world religions.
    On my college campus I encountered a Muslim student who was trying to convert me. Having an overview of his beliefs ahead of time gave me firm footing in our conversation. I was not swayed from my
    beliefs and was able to minister the Lord to him. Views of Man is not just a class, if you let it, it can be life-changing.

  • Keely Surprenant (Saturday, February 08 14 10:40 am EST)

    Although I took this class years ago, the information has for the most part, "stuck" and has definitely come in useful. I have encountered many people of different religions and always have a much
    easier time discussing my faith with them because I have a knowledge of theirs. Where they might normally be on the defense, I find them asking questions about my beliefs because they feel more
    respect knowing I am familiar with other religions. In a nutshell, it opens the door to being able to witness to others! In addition, the political climate of our current world calls for at least a
    basic knowledge of geography and the basic values and struggles of other key players. This curriculum has been and always will be very relevant to our generation and those to come!

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