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View Of Man Views of Man Student Manual, and Views of Man Teachers Key
View Of Man World Religions & Cults, 101, required source for student manuals and The Deadliest Monster, optional suggested source

Worksheets provide the student with thought-provoking questions which press him/her to analyze each worldview from the perspective of the scriptures.  Supplemental reading provides detailed information on each worldview,  giving students the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of topic matter.

Graphs and scoresheets are created using statitstics from CIA World Factbook and  The curriculum concludes with summaries and analysis based on score marks for each religion, government type, and nation.

How does one discern from which tree they are being fed? Do you feast on God's truth from the Tree of Life? Or do you dine from the tree of knowledge? 


You MIGHT be surprised! Because the tree of knowledge often sounds pretty good. But that tree is where the world's version of religion comes from...and that tree leads only to destruction. 


Inspiring Stories From...


Just a few comments from those who have participated in this course over the past 10+ years.


Read the words of a former Director of the co-op where it was taught, one of the several teachers who taught it, and some former parents and students of the course. In addition, learn what a few other folks have thought as they have worked with or read through the curriculum over the years.





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