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View Of Man Views of Man Student Manual, and Views of Man Teachers Key
View Of Man World Religions & Cults, 101, required source for student manuals and The Deadliest Monster, optional suggested source

Worksheets provide the student with thought-provoking questions which press him/her to analyze each worldview from the perspective of the scriptures.  Supplemental reading provides detailed information on each worldview,  giving students the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of topic matter.

Graphs and scoresheets are created using statitstics from CIA World Factbook and  The curriculum concludes with summaries and analysis based on score marks for each religion, government type, and nation.

How does one discern from which tree they are being fed? Do you feast on God's truth from the Tree of Life? Or do you dine from the tree of knowledge? 


You MIGHT be surprised! Because the tree of knowledge often sounds pretty good. But that tree is where the world's version of religion comes from...and that tree leads only to destruction. 



A workbook on political and religious worldviews for youth and adults.


A Brief Introduction:

Views of Man is a worldview curriculum for high school ages and above, designed to enlighten the reader as to the exceptional benefits of Christianity to one's quality of life.


Through facts, statistics, and a comparative review of many major religions and worldviews, it leaves the reader to draw his/her own conclusions. The results clearly demonstrate the advantages of the Christian worldview, and help explain what made America so exceptional. For high school students and up.

What makes this course special?

This course covers some of the most common religious ideologies in our world today, including: 


                  Eastern religions          Judaism         Christianity          Islam           the occult

            humanism         communism        socialism         progressivism          and a few others.


We rate selected nations from throughout the world, and give them each a quality-of-life score; we call it

                                                             The International Misery Index score.

Students will study and evaluate the beliefs of each worldview, and compare them to scripture. U.S. Government-compiled statistics are used to create the International Misery Index Score for selected nations as to their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  Then the students compare the scores to determine whether or not what one believes about God and man has an impact on such matters. The lower the score, the better the quality of life! (see smiley chart above) We don't have to "cook" the numbers, they speak for themselves. The results are telling, and in spite of how academic this all may sound, it has a higher purpose than a simple scoring competition. 

This curriculum at its heart is designed to bring your students               into a stronger relationship with Christ. 


Our high schools and colleges have systematically moved toward secularism, and sadly have diluted the faith and patriotism of our young people. They teach that all belief systems are equal, and all worldviews should get equal billing. If we did not already know this to be false,  9/11 should have been a wake-up call.

In actual fact, the most disparaged worldview is rapidly becoming Christianity. Yet, when you put the pencil to it, Christianity is by far the most hospitable to human well being. Our experience has shown that when your student finishes this study, they will have little doubt of that!

Young people growing up in this post-modern world are becoming increasingly cynical about what they have been "told".  They need to see it in black and white. This curriculum provides nearly irrefutable evidence for their evaluation. Students will compare belief systems against the scriptures to see for themselves what the differences are and discover the crucial role of Christian principles in American quality of life, as well as how nations lacking these principles are affected. Apart from scriptural truth, no country can remain strong and free.


At the conclusion of this course, the student will see that both their nation and their Christian faith are exceptional in the world. And they will be challenged to discover their role in God's plan to restore Him to His rightful place in our national consciousness. Because there is nowhere else on earth that compares to America, and without Christ, it will all fall apart!


What is more important for them to know?


  • Inexpensive and convenient format for non-traditional/homeschooled students or private schools  
    • Designed for either individual study or multiple students in home or school settings
  • Little or no teacher preparation! Easy to follow, flows automatically from one lesson to the next
    • Worksheets repeat a style pattern so students become accustomed to them
    • Answer keys with helps for instructors
    • Simple-to-follow syllabus, for either two-day or four-day per week use
      • Two days a week will require two semesters.
      • A four day week would complete it in one semester
    • Quiz and exams booklet available for class grading
  • Great for in-class laptop research
    • Websites used in worksheet-completion can be instantly accessed (see LINKS tab above for list of websites)
    • Suggested links to supplemental educational videos enhance learning on various topics
                      youtube links with short clips on topics of interest in various nations                                                                                              links to websites which offer free courses on topics of vital interest, ie, constitution, finance, history
  • Ideal for facilitation of problem-solving and reasoning skills
    • Classroom discussions encourage development and articulation of well founded ideological beliefs
    • Excellent preparation for college-bound students in dealing with the diversity of worldviews in university settings

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Introduction

   Types of Governments    page 9
   Religious World Views 

       Theisms-views of God


Chapter 2
   Eastern World Views       page 19
   Brief History   
   The Eastern Religions
   Tenets of their Faith
   Quality of Life Factors   
   Calculating Scores
   The Nations
   Comparison Charts
   And the winner is...

Chapter 3
   Jewish World Views         page 41
   Brief History
   The Jewish Religions
   Tenets of their Faith
   Quality of Life Factors   
   Calculating Scores
   The Nations
   Comparison Charts
   And the winner is...

Chapter 4
   Christian World Views    page 57
   Brief History
   The Christian Religions
   Tenets of their Faith
   Quality of Life Factors   
   Calculating Scores
   The Nations
   Comparison Charts
   And the winner is...


Chapter 5
   Muslim World Views       page 79
   Brief History
   The Muslim Religions
   Tenets of their Faith
   Quality of Life Factors   
   Calculating Scores
   The Nations
   Comparison Charts
   And the winner is...

Chapter 6                              page 99
   Other World Views            
   Brief History
   The Godless Religions
   Tenets of their Faith
   A few more nations
   United Nations
Chapter 7                             page 117
   Worldview Conclusions              
   Overall Summaries
   And the winner is....
   Cycle of Rebellion
   Freedom Bar Graph   
   A closer look  
  What Can We Do?            page 124                                 

   American political system
   Bill of Rights
   Conservative Declaration

Appendixes                           page 141
   Appendix I  ...... Worksheet instructions,             

   Appendix II  .... Supplements, resources
   Appendix III.....Additional supplements
   Appendix IV......Works cited lists


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